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Introductory Course on Epidemiology
Many nephrologists perform research in addition to their clinical duties. The aim of this epidemiology course is to teach nephrologists and nephrology researchers basic epidemiology principles and to have them practise their new skills in hands-on sessions (exercises, discussions and SPSS). The knowledge and skills obtained will assist participants to improve the quality of their nephrology research.
The course faculty includes well-known nephrologists who are members of our ERA-EDTA Registry Committee plus the staff members of the ERA-EDTA Registry in Amsterdam. An example of the course programme can be downloaded here.

The courses that are organised once or twice a year throughout Europe have always been very well evaluated by the more than 800 participants so far. For each course 30-35 places are available. The following course is planned:


Date: 17-18 May, 2019

Place: Austria Trend Hotel Congress Innsbruck - https://www.austria-trend.at/de/hotels/congress-innsbruck

Local organizer: Gert Mayer and Reinhard Kramar


If you would like to participate in this course, please contact either the local organizer via eva.bertsch@tirol-kliniken.at the ERA-EDTA Registry course coordinator Marlies Noordzij at m.noordzij@amc.uva.nl. You may also contact her if you are interested in organizing an Introductory Course on Epidemiology.


Course participation is free but participants must pay travel expenses and accommodation costs at the hotel.

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